New Microneedle RF - High Intensity RF

Insulated needle

No tissue damage

From inside to surface

No downtime and risk

Highest effectivenessy

Adjustable pin-depth

All faces

All necks

Wrinkles, scars

Best alternative to laser fraxel

Rhytides and facial laxity


INFINI Case Studies

What is Microneedle RF?

“INFINI is a game changer when it comes to non-surgical skin tightening and wrinkle reduction… it delivers the energy precisely where you want it without worry of thermal damage surrounding tissue. You are able to maximize single treatment results by performing multiple passes. Plus, I love that I can treat my tanned patients.”
[Flor Mayoral, M.D., USA]

Why INFINI? Insulated Microneedle

Insulated gold-coated needles:

49 needles
200 microns 34g
Insulated 10 x 10mm Spot

  • Unique 7x7 array of insulated microneedles
    • 200 micron diameter ~34g needle
    • Insulated needle body
  • Only the needle tip (300 µm) is the active electrode.
  • Depth adjustable from 0.5 to 3.5 mm
  • Bipolar RF generates precise electrothermal damage at preset depths in the dermis
  • Insulated needle body means No thermal damage at the critical dermal/epidermal layer

Using insulated needle means:

  • Thermal coagulation of deep dermis
  • Control of depth, power and exposure time
  • Protection of epidermis
  • Social downtime
  • Safer for all skin type
  • High patient satisfaction

How it works - 3D Volumization

This is how the devices works for 3D volumization effects, it puts down a lot of coagulation zones  during the procedure. You have 49 needles in multiple passes usually three passes per treatment. So the patient has multiple layers of coagulation zone with Infini.  With multi layer zone, you can be down at dermis fat junction and for acne scaring patient, it  can reach deep down to 3.5mm So typical settings for neck would be 2.5 mm then 1.5mm, 1 mm for 3D volumization. In the burn zone, the patient get a fractional tightening volumination and new collagen and elastin deposition There are the positive and negative insulated needles that are communicated with each other which is unique about Infini.

On very right size, you can see very deep penetration, 3.5mm, you might use this for acne scar. You can see the thermal coagulation zone 

You can see that there is no epidermis injury until you get to the more superficial zone, 0.5 mm, which looks like fractional CO2 laser and this epidermis injury will be healed within 24 hours; That’s why it is called social downtime because the downtime it has is very minimal and well be covered by makeup. 

Infini Mechanism of Action

With Infini you can control the depth and on top of that you can also control the size of thermal coagulation zone.   So you can put a deeper injury with smaller coagulation zone or bigger coagulation zone.

The beauty of Infini is that you can adjust depth, power, and pulse time. So through our studies, we were able to measure how much energy you needed and how to deliver it with lower power and longer pulse time deliver much larger coagulation zone.

Infini Features


Enhanced Tip Uniformity

NBTC stain used with horizontal slice of tissue
Light blue zones are thermal injury zones

New 49 pin tip with improved evenness of RF energy output

1st Gen 49 pin tip

New Gen 49 pin tip

Non-insulated needles histology epidermal coagulation precautions

What is the SFR of Infini System?

How does the Infini SFR tip work?

  • 1st step: Gently bring the SFR handpiece and tip into contact with the epidermis
  • 2nd step: Channel 1 induces general volumetric heating of the superficial dermis
  • 3rd step: Next, channel 2 delivers RF energy to achieve epidermal micropeeling, and working together, the dual channels create an electrothermal coagulation zone over a wide area

Dual Channel Electrodes

  • The world’s only tip with Dual Channel Electrodes sequentially delivers the RF energy for each channel.
  • Maximization of the clinical effect with precise and safe delivery of RF energy.

References: Most advanced - safe easy - technology

  • Jazon Pozner
  • Joel Cohen
  • Matteo Tretti Clementori and Mnnavalli

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