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Antigermix® - The new High Level Photonic Disinfection System .

Using the latest technology that replaces photon chemistry, Antigermix® provides ultra-fast and easy-to-use DNH ultrasound probes. This breakthrough innovation very advantageously replaces chemical dipping, multi-wipe systems, semi-automatic systems using hydrogen peroxide.

Photonic disinfection

Based on UV-C, Antigermix® is a high-tech platform that substitutes photons for molecules. This innovation makes it possible to overcome the difficulties inherent in chemistry and thus simplify the life of healthcare providers as much as possible. Antigermix® follows three generations of disinfection methods: chemical soaking, multi-wipe systems, semi-automatic systems using hydrogen peroxide.

How it works ?

Antigermix® is equipped with low pressure tubes that emit in the 254nm invisible wavelength referred to as "Type C Ultraviolet". The energy of photons crosses the cell wall of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, and spores) to be absorbed by DNA, RNA and proteins, which are then destroyed by four concomitant phenomena:

  • Photohydration: water molecules are pushed into the DNA and prevent its transcription
  • Photosplitting: the DNA strands are broken
  • Photodimerization: DNA bases merge inappropriately
  • Photo crosslinking: the cell walls are damaged which causes cell lysis (disintegration of the membrane and death of the cell)
UV-C disinfection as a solution

Safety guaranteed

By using photons instead of chemistry, Antigermix® has improved the safety of professionals and their patients. This innovation prevents exposure to leaks, splashes, residues and fumes from disinfectants. Indeed, the chemical disinfectants used for ultrasound probes are regularly the cause of accidents, allergies and poisoning. They can remain on the probes and are suspected to cause undesirable side effects in vaginal ultrasounds such as damage to gametes and embryos.

A commitment to nature conservation

Its absence of chemicals and consumables is also central to an ecological approach and environmental protection. Antigermix® avoids reprocessing and discharging pollutants, is fully recyclable and Germitec®, or its local agent, guarantees that it will take back the system at the end of its useful life.

Simple and time saving

Antigermix® is ultra simple and makes very few demands on health-care professionals. All they have to do is to remove any visible stains from the probe, put it into the system, close the door and press a button. Disinfection is then monitored and validated by an automated system with optical sensors located inside the machine. Antigermix® eliminates the time-consuming steps involved in chemical systems: manual traceability, heating cycle, purging cycle, change of consumables, cleaning of the probe after disinfection to eliminate toxic residues, monitoring of the disinfection cycle in order to recover the probe immediately at the end of the cycle.

No consumables

The use of photons eliminates the need for costly, complex and polluting steps involved in consumables. This eliminates the need for procurement, delivery, storage, changing and disposing of consumables which are complex processes given that they are subject to strict standards as they are regulated toxic substances.

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